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A word from the CEO

Cyrille Bolloré

Chairman of Bolloré Transport & Logistics

Our business activities – including port, rail, transport and logistics and storage and distribution of petroleum products – will from now on be part of the single brand, Bolloré Transport & Logistics. This grouping will enable us to offer our clients a global network based on the expertise of 36,000 employees in 105 countries.

In a context of globalisation, particularly distinguished by intensifying trade, the quest for the lowest price, digitalisation and the need for instant gratification, this grouping of our business activities is above all an opportunity for our clients. Synergies between our various business lines now enable us to respond to all requests and be involved in part or all of the supply chain. Our long-term investment policy enables us to improve our infrastructures on a continuing basis and, as such, to enhance the competitiveness of our ports, modernise our railway concessions and increase our storage capacity for hydrocarbons.

Bolloré Transport & Logistics also enables all of its clients to benefit from our expertise in Africa, where we have been doing business for thirty years and gaining in-depth knowledge on the ground.

Finally, Bolloré Transport & Logistics carries in its corporate DNA the history of a family-oriented Group that in nearly two-hundred years has never stopped innovating and moving forward—a Group that has always been independent, cutting-edge, and creative, always looking beyond the horizon to anticipate what’s coming and take risks. Bolloré Transport & Logistics shares this vision and will remain committed to its clients as well as its employees.

Cyrille Bolloré, Chairman and CEO of Bolloré Transport & Logistics