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Bolloré Transport & Logistics: a committed CSR policy

We firmly believe that the development of Bolloré Transport & Logistics' activities must go hand in hand with responsible behaviour. Each year, we implement initiatives and tools that enable us to control the environmental impact of our activities and develop united initiatives in accordance with local requirements. Each of our 36,000 employees has also been made aware of their social, societal and environmental responsibilities.

Bolloré Transport & Logistics' corporate social responsibility policy is based around four major commitments, which all the Bolloré Group's businesses adhere to. 


Sharing the same business ethics

In order to preserve and develop trusting relationships required to enhance the sustainability of our activities, Bolloré Transport & Logistics stresses the importance of sharing the same business ethics. It is mainly based around transparency, improved governance and in-depth risk assessment. The aim is to enable decision-makers, managers, employees, shareholders and consumers to work around a shared and applied ethic.


Producing and innovating in a sustainable way

Bolloré Transport & Logistics attaches great importance to reducing the environmental impact of its activities, as well as managing the risks involved. As such, we are constantly investing in solutions that enable us to respond to environmental concerns in industrialised countries and gain access to energy in emerging countries. We innovate as a way of anticipating future environmental requirements. 


Committing with and on behalf of our employees

Bolloré Transport & Logistics believes that its success is the result of the work done by each of its 36,000 employees. As such, we do everything we can to monitory the safety, health and well-being of all our employees across all countries in which we have established ourselves. We encourage social dialogue, integrate all diversity and ensure equal opportunities throughout each employee's career path. In addition, we are developing a training policy that combines operational needs, market changes and the ambitions of our employees. Furthermore, we are careful to respect the balance between the professional and personal lives of our employees.


Being proactive about local development

Bolloré Transport & Logistics seeks to provide local responses to societal issues in countries in which it operates. Thus, we assess our socio-economic footprint in specific areas and establish relationships of trust with the surrounding stakeholders and civil society; this is often settled through the conclusion of partnerships with key solidarity players. In order to provide its employees with the chance to be involved in great causes, Bolloré Transport & Logistics has implemented a Philanthropy Committee that supports the poorest citizens, assists in medical research and promotes cultural heritage.