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Marathon Day: The charity event for Bolloré Transport & Logistics' employees

Cyrille Bolloré

CEO of Bolloré Transport & Logistics

Every year in September, the teams mobilize, on the same day, at the same time, to walk or run 5 kilometers. For each registration, Bolloré Transport & Logistics donates 3 € to a charity.

Marathon day is the charity event for Bolloré Transport & Logistics’ employees. In 2017, almost 13,000 employees took part in 93 countries all over the world. This year the funds raised were donated to UNICEF.

Every year, the event is growing. An increasing number of employees is joining this great moment of solidarity. It shows that team spirit, cohesion and sharing are part of the main values of Bolloré Transport & Logistics ‘teams.

Key figures of the 2017 edtion

  • 93 countries
  • 12 849 participants
  • 4 171 pictures shared on social networks
  • 39,000€ given to UNICEF