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Bolloré Transport & Logistics Congo

Multimodal logistics solutions, maritime and port services

Bolloré Transport & Logistics Congo is committed to Congo for the long run. We invest in state of the art port infrastructures and new multimodal logistics solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs and contribute to the country's economic growth.

We are present on every step of the supply chain and we have developed corridors across the Congo Basin. Our container/Ro-Ro terminal management guarantees the best transit time through an optimal productivity of 115.50 movements/hour.

With our know-how and the dedication of our 1,600 employees, 99% of which are Congolese, we are able to meet all your needs throughout the country.

Business cases of our operations in the Congo

Our port and logistics services in the Congo

Maritime and port services

- Container/Ro-Ro terminal operator of the Autonomous Port of Pointe-Noire
- Transhipment operations
- Maritime agency in Pointe-Noire
- Crew change agency
- Port operations


- Sea and air freight
- Consolidation/deconsolidation services
- Door-to-door transport
- Custom clearance

Industrial project logistics

- Handling and transport of outsize and heavy lift
- Equipment provision and performance of lifting operations
- Organisation of special loads
- Expertises in oil, infrastructure, FMGC

Corridors management

- Pointe Noire - Cabinda (road):
  145 km / 90 miles
- Pointe Noire - Brazzaville (rail, road):
  560 km / 347 miles
- Brazzaville - Bangui (river):
  620 Km
- Brazzaville - Kinshasa (river):
  5,000 Km long/ 10 km wide

Other services

- Express delivery
- Travel assistance

Our certifications

We work every day to meet our normative commitments. That’s why we’ve obtained the ISO 9001:2008, TRACE and OHSAS 18001 certifications, the first OHSAS certification in Africa for the Logistics Business Unit.

These certifications are part of an initiative for the ongoing improvement of our operations, which allows us to anticipate our customers’ needs, especially those in the oil sector, where controlling operational risks is a major challenge.