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Management of the FNAC Congo brand imports

Bolloré Logistics Congo, FNAC's logistics partner


SCORE-CASINO, institutional client of the Bolloré group and subsidiary of the Mercure International Monaco Group, just welcomed the international FNAC shop into its Brazzaville shopping centre, which is already home to several other franchises. FNAC specialises in the distribution of cultural and electronic products.

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In May 2017, Bolloré Logistics Congo was selected to manage the overall logistics for the importation of the FNAC shop merchandise. Through its customised logistics solutions, Bolloré Logistics Congo was able to provide services covering the shipment, port clearance, and delivery of all products coming from France to the FNAC 400 m2 shop.

Because of the merchandise’s sensitive character, Bolloré Logistics Congo laid down specific measures to guarantee optimised and secured deliveries. All the operations were supervised by an average adjuster assigned specifically to this project. Their role was to check all of the merchandise (in quantity and value) once the planes landed on the runway, as well as analyse the risks between the respective warehouses of Bolloré Logistics Congo and the customer. All these steps as well as the customs control had to be meticulously verified to ensure the project would run smoothly.

The inauguration took place on Thursday, 30 June in Brazzaville; the shop officially opened on Saturday, July 1st. Through Bolloré Logistics Congo’s expertise, the merchandise was transported over 7 flights. There were 80 pallets weighing a total of 18 freight tonnes, containing mainly electronic devices, displays, and cash tills that were transported to the site in 24 hours for each delivery. This was made possible by the customs authorities’ exceptional granting of the AETEX agreement.

Jacques Rivière, Managing Director of the SCORE-CASINO Congo group and Lucien Malouala, Transit Director, warmly welcomed the Bolloré Logistics Congo teams and hailed the success of the operations performed.

Bolloré Logistics Congo is proud of participating in launching the FNAC chain in the Congo and providing its expertise to this logistics project, a harbinger to a long and fruitful collaboration.