Promar crew boat logistics

Management of the Promar crew boat logistics, Bolloré Ports Congo calls upon its expertise


Bolloré Ports Congo, a Bolloré Transport & Logistics entity, puts all of its expertise to work to serve its customers. It performs its operations with care and diligence every day. Its outsize lifting and handling expertise allowed our teams to provide the logistics for transporting Crew Boats for our customer, PROMAR. This is a bi-monthly operation that requires a large amount of skill.

[Translate to English:] Bolloré Transport Logistics - Chargement du Mamolino dans zone distante de son quai d'attelage

The Bolloré Ports teams in Congo take charge of the "Mamolino”, a large, 5-metre-wide and 22-metre-long vessel. The ship, weighing between 35 and 40 tonnes, has to be refit in an area about 300 metres away from its coupling dock. The ship has to be grounded and transported to the assigned working area in order to get it back afloat.

After a meticulous field study, our people use a 220-tonne land crane and a 100-tonne tank carrier to successfully complete the operation. All the works, in line with the OHSAS 18001 certification, are performed with strict respect to international safety standards.

The land crane grounds the “Mamolino”, which is then transported aboard the tank carrier to the yard. The Promar technicians then perform a series of operations and revise its hull to restore its nautical qualities. The Bolloré Ports Congo handling teams then load it back onto the tank carrier and bring it back afloat.

Our client Promar regularly expresses its satisfaction with the Bolloré Ports’s team’s work, for both our people’s know-how and their professionalism. Bolloré Transport & Logistics does everything necessary to be our customers’ go-to partner.