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Bolloré Transport & Logistics Gabon

Freight forwarding, maritime services and port logistics

Africa's leading port operator offering maritime services and its expertise in port logistics, Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Gabon is the specialist in logistics and major industrial projects, dedicated especially to the constantly growing oil and mining sectors.

As a recognized freight forwarder, Bolloré Transport & Logistics is supported by dedicated teams in Gabon’s main cities. With its thorough knowledge of the country, the commitment of its teams in the field, and proven experience of multimodal logistics we can work with you to build solutions that address your needs.

Our logistics and ports services in Gabon

Maritime and port services

- Container terminal operator of the Port of Libreville (Owendo)
- Transhipment operations
- Maritime agency in Libreville and Port-Gentil
- Crew change agency
- Port operations
- Dry port operation
- Shipyard (DPS Port Gentil)

Road freight

- Door-to-door delivery
- Goods and container forwarding to Gabon and other countries in the region via our corridors

Sea and land transit

- Approved customs agents for import/export procedures
- Offices approved for collateral management
- Bulk and goods consolidation
- Express mail and parcels service

Air transit

- Airport agencies in Libreville and Port-Gentil
- Import/export
- Over 2,200 m2 of storage warehouses and yards
- Assistance at airports

Value-added warehousing

- Advanced receiving and inspection processes
- 226,000 m2 of warehouses and storage areas
- Secured and temperature-controlled warehouses
- Bonded warehouses

Dedicated commodities services

- Warehousing
- Barging
- Freight tracking 

Logistics and tailored solutions:

- Oil & gas: logistics base at Port-Gentil
- Timber yard: warehousing and handling at Libreville, Port-Gentil at Mayumba


Our customers are high-profile players in key sectors like oil and gas, mining, telecommunications, automotive, and timber.