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Distribution of oil products

Bolloré Energy essentially distributes domestic fuel, diesel and GNR (off-road diesel) through a network of more than 100 sales agencies and secondary terminals located in France, Switzerland and Germany.

  • The B2C distribution represents around 1.2 million m3 of oil products provided each year to individuals, farmers, buildings and public administration departments in France and Germany
  • The B2B distribution represents around 2 million m3 of oil products provided each year to haulage contractors and retailers in France, Germany and Switzerland

Bolloré Energy is the leading independent distributor of domestic fuel in France with a 15% market share and more than 600,000 customers.

With its heating department, Bolloré Energy provides its clients with advice and technical services relating to fuel or gas heating (installation, maintenance, and repair) in France.

Bolloré Energy operates a network of 75 gas stations in France and in Germany. In Hamburg, Deutsche Calpam, a subsidiary of Bolloré Energy, supplies bunkers to all kind of vessels.

Petroleum logistics

Bolloré Energy has a total storage capacity of 2.3 million m3 spread across a wide network of 28 fully or minority owned terminals in France, Switzerland and Germany.

Bolloré Energy owns 1,9 million m3 of storage capacity in France and 0,4 million m3 in Switzerland.

Bolloré Energy’s subsidiary SFDM (95 % - Société Française Donges Metz) operates the Donges-Melun-Metz (DMM) oil pipeline and four terminals with a total storage capacity of 900 km3.

Bolloré Energy fully owns the terminals of Strasbourg, Gerzat, Caen, Mulhouse and Meroux. The company holds a stake in the DPL-Lorient (20%) and SDLP-La Rochelle (18%) terminals.

Bolloré Energy’s 100% owned subsidiary PMF has interests in Raffinerie du Midi (33,33%), one of the major oil storage companies in France, and in TRAPIL (5,5%), the major pipeline operator in France. Bolloré Energy holds a participation in the GPSPC-Tours (20%), EPV-Valenciennes (16%) and EPM-Mulhouse (18%) terminals.

Bolloré Energy has recently strengthened its logistics network with the creation of the DRPC terminal, as part of the refurbishment of the tank farm of the former Petit-Couronne refinery.

In Switzerland, Bolloré Energy’s subsidiaries are the main shareholders of the TAR-Zurich and SASMA-Genève terminals which supply the international airports of Zurich and Geneva respectively. Bolloré Energy also holds an interest in several other terminals in Switzerland, including the terminals of Satram-Basel and S+M Tank Overbipp, for a total storage capacity of 400 km3.  In Germany, Bolloré Energy owns the Kleinostheim terminal through its subsidiary Calpam.