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Our port expertise

Port concessions, traditional cargo handling and acting as a shipping agent

Bolloré Ports groups together three major areas of expertise: port concessions, traditional cargo handling and acting as a shipping agent. 

Ports and terminals

Bolloré Ports supplies the design, funding, construction, operation, maintenance and promotion of port terminals. By providing high quality infrastructures, state-of-the-art equipment, modern technology and professionals trained in port services, Bolloré Ports is contributing towards improving efficiency and services within terminals that we provide concessions for.

- Container terminals

Bolloré Ports is the number one port infrastructure operator in Africa and is also the leading container terminal management company on the continent. Our experience and references act as a springboard for enhancing our international presence (India, Haiti, East-Timor). Bolloré Ports is able to provide its clients the best range of services possible by ensuring that their Public-Private Partnerships meet the highest international standards. Each year, Bolloré Ports invests approximately 250 million Euros into the construction and development of port infrastructures with which it is entrusted in order to meet the requirements of its clients, be they ship owners, importers or exporters. 

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- Roll on/roll off terminals

Bolloré Ports is also enhancing its expertise in the management of roll on/roll off terminals, thus providing port authorities with a reliable, professional and long-term partner. In 2015, over 142,000 heavy and light vehicles were managed on roll on/roll off concessions that we operate.  

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Traditional cargo handling

Bolloré Ports provides traditional cargo handling services for all types of goods: bags/sacks, bulk materials, rolling stock, heavy packages, containers...

As a result of the international context in which there is a constant need to enhance port productivity, we attach the greatest importance to investing in highly effective equipment. We also regularly train our teams on safety standards and best practices in accordance with the highest environmental standards.

Our range of traditional cargo handling services is expanding developing due to optimal planning of operations, constant improvement of tools and the organisation of work. 

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Having worked in the shipping consignment sector for more than 90 years, Bolloré Ports has developed a network of shipping agencies across Europe, Africa and the Indian Ocean. 

Each year, the 99 shipping agencies within the Bolloré Ports network processes more than 9,000 ship visits and provides a range of shipping services that are adapted to regular international shipping routes, Tramp operators and charterers. 

Our commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and providing an effective range of services is an integral part of our ISO 9001 QHSE integrated management system and is in keeping with our Business Conduct & Ethics code.

Bolloré Ports is present on the African continent under the Afritramp brand.

A dedicated team based in Paris is responsible for coordinating our local shipping operations in tight collaboration with our trade offices in Singapore, Beijing, Dubai, Madrid, New-Delhi, Athens and Washington.

Our affiliation with Bolloré Transport & Logistics enables us to offer our domestic and internal clients a wide range of services (handling, forwarding, warehousing, logistics...).

In France, Bolloré Ports supplies its services to the fifteen main French ports and provides a range of services, including storage, handling and the transportation of spare parts.

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Inland Container Depot (ICD)

Bolloré Ports controls 25 dry ports around the African continent. In order to minimise client waiting times and maintain smooth traffic flows within all its ports, Bolloré Ports invests in the construction and development of closed and secure warehouses, as well as bonded warehouses. 

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Bolloré Ports has the necessary know-how and equipment for maintaining, repairing and renovating ships on its specialised yards. We are represented in the Ivory Coast through Carena, the leading ship repairer in West Africa, as well as in Gabon, through DPS, based in Port-Gentil.

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