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Bolloré Railways

A railway construction and operation specialist in Africa

Dedicated to operating railways, Bolloré Railways manages and develops two concessions in Africa - SITARAIL and CAMRAIL - and is working towards establishing a new 2,700 km railway loop that will link five West African countries. Railways act as a stimulator of economic and social development by facilitating trade between bordering countries, improving access in landlocked countries and creating a new competitive atmosphere in all the areas they cross. Bolloré Railways provides local populations with a reliable, safe and environmentally-friendly mode of transport. In addition to transporting passengers, Bolloré Railways provides its clients with new logistic solutions for transporting minerals, cereals and industrial products using an extensive range of equipment and specialised services: transportation via flat wagons supporting dry or refrigerated containers, covered wagons for traditional goods (raw lumber, cotton, construction materials, bags/sacks etc.), tank wagons for bulk liquids (e.g. fuel) and open wagons for solid bulk goods. Bolloré Railways is committed to pursuing an approved and effective Q-HSE policy.