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Bolloré Railways concessions


As a concessionaire of the railway link connecting Douala, Cameroon's financial capital, to N'gaoudéré (north province of the country), Camrail operates over 1,000 km of railway tracks. Every year, 1.6 million passengers use the network and 1.8 million tonnes of freight (fuel, cotton, wood, local products, containers, etc.) are transported. Camrail ensure the maintenance of the entire railway, as well as the buildings and railway buildings within its network. 

Key figures

1,000 km of railway tracks

1.6 million passengers transported per year

1.8 million tonnes of freight transported per year

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The Sitarail connects the Ivory Coast to Burkina Faso. Each year, it enables around 200,000 passengers to travel in total safety and 900,000 tonnes of freight to be transported. The network, stretching 1,260 km, connects Abidjan to Kaya and passes through 59 stations. The goods transported upstream are mainly fuels, containers, fertilizers and cement. Whereas the products transported downstream mainly include cotton and local products. Bolloré Railways has committed to a substantial investment project to upgrade and replace 850 km of railway tracks. 

Key figures

1,260 km of railway tracks

200,000 passengers transported per year

800,000 tonnes of freight transported per year


Since the signing of a concession agreement between the states of Benin and Niger in August 2015, Benirail has been operating 500 km of railway tracks between Cotonou and Parakou in Benin. In Niger, 143 km of railway tracks have been built within 18 months in order to connect Niamey and Dosso. Having built 7 bridges, village crossings and hundreds of hydraulic structures to protect the railway from the heavy rains that affect the region, Bolloré Transport & Logistics has demonstrated its ability to carry out ambitious projects in record time. 

Key figures

A 1,215 km network

143 km built between Niamey and Dosso

Signing of the concession contract: 13 August 2015