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Our railway expertise

Bolloré Railways is the leading railway concession operator on the African continent. Over the years, the company has gained a wide range of expertise in the field. 

Railway transportation: Passengers and goods

Via the three concessions Bolloré Railways operates on the African continent, millions of passengers travel and several million tons of goods are transported between maritime ports and the hinterland.

A major tool for regional interconnection and a stakeholder in reducing urban traffic, the railway is a powerful driver for African development.

Infrastructure modernisation programmes

Like all railway networks around the world, the African railway network requires constant attention and continuous efforts. In this regard, Bolloré Railways, in partnership with lincensing States, is undertaking an infrastructure modernisation programme. These ongoing programmes spanning several years aim to replace worn track sections, repair engineering structure, improve signaling, develop stations and passenger reception areas, and purchase new rolling stock.

Rail careers training centres run by Bolloré Railways have also become centres of regional excellence, as well as models for the transferral of skills across the Continent."

Maintenance of rolling stock

When transporting passengers or goods, Bolloré Railways always puts safety first. Consequently, Sitarail and Camrail have implemented a quality management system that complies with international standards with a view to obtaining ISO 9001 and IRIS certification. 

Throughout our networks, we have experts working on the maintenance, review and repair of locomotives, such as wagons. These technical warehouses are considered to be places of technical excellence that enable Bolloré Railways to constantly increase the haulage capacity of its networks.

Specific work and project management

Bolloré Railways relies on the expertise of its African railway engineers and its international consultancy companies to continuously modernise and extend its networks. Through its public-private partnerships and its collaboration with the state, Bolloré Railways provides its railway know-how to anticipate the future.