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Our HR policy

Our Human Resources policy is based around four major principles :

- Mobility: the Group's global network enables us to offer our employees rich and diversified career opportunities as part of our 'Talents without Borders' approach.

- Diversity: the diversity of our businesses and the strength of our network enable our teams to enhance their skills and evolve within a stimulating multicultural environment.

- Transparency: by ensuring the transparent exchange of information, we are encouraging better communication and understanding between all members of our internal and external networks.

- Sustainability: our long-term commitment to each of our employees enables them to progress within the Group.

Every year, Bolloré Transport & Logistics recruits thousands of employees in support of its development. Promoting diversity and equal opportunities are one of the major focuses of the company's recruitment policy.
Our Human Resources strategy is centred around 3 key areas: recruiting, integrating and developing our employees by providing them with the chance to:

- join multi-disciplinary and multicultural working teams,

- participate in innovative projects, often competing with the development of emerging countries,

- benefit from professional development and training courses to help enhance individual and collective skills, as well as internal mobility opportunities.