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A word from the HRD

David-Alexandre Fournier

HR Director, Bolloré Transport & Logistics

Bolloré Transports & Logistics is committed to long term prospects with both its clients and employees.

Joining Bolloré Transport & Logistics means becoming part of a French family Group, created in 1822 as a visionary and daring company. It is a Group that continues to advance, invest and innovate in order to meet the needs of a forever changing world.

By working with us, you are working with 36,500 employees of all nationalities who share the same values and vision for the future. All those who work at Bolloré Transport & Logistics share the same courage, humility, respect for one another, team spirit and willingness to progress.

Our employees are our Group's greatest strength. In order to attract new talent and offer our employees interesting career prospects, we constantly work towards improving our management techniques, as well as offering career opportunities and continuous training. At the same time, we carefully monitor the quality of our working environments and social-professional relations.

HR Director David-Alexandre Fournier, Bolloré Transport & Logistics