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Our values

Joining Bolloré Transport & Logistics is an opportunity to be involved in a development model based on entrepreneurial skills, diversity and solidarity. It also provides the chance to be part of a dynamic family Group that is proud of its history, yet ready for the future. Through their work at Bolloré Transport & Logistics, our employees have the chance to pursue unique career prospects and evolve within an international context.

We greatly value entrepreneurial spirit

Our ability to face new challenges is one of the keys to our success. Thanks to the courage and humility of our employees, we are able to develop our activities around the world, go in search of conquering new markets and expand our businesses. Accordingly, our Human Resources policy nurtures entrepreneurial spirit by giving employees more responsibilities and encouraging them to take initiative.

Innovation is a core part of our strategy

Improving operational performance is intricately linked to improving overall performance. Our quest for excellence with regard to our clients involves a process of continuous improvement, which we aim to deploy across all sectors within the company. The purpose of our Human Resources approach is to encourage the development and implementation of internal innovative solutions in order to maintain and expand our expert position within our markets.

We are committed to the long term

- Developing our employees' skills is a key focus. In order to face up to new challenges, we must provide them with the necessary resources to adapt to changes in our environment and our organisation. Our stability enables us to commit our Talents to long term prospects, meanwhile allowing them to grow and enrich their experience through both geographic and functional mobility. It is by capitalising on our teams that we are able to move forward, together.

- Providing extensive training options that are adapted to each of our businesses is one of the Human Resources Department's key commitments. As such, we are solidifying our presence among our employees in order to support them throughout their career within the Group.

- Operating in keeping with our values and in an environmentally-friendly way is a key criterion of our HR strategy.

Staying agile

Anticipating changes and their impact on our activities while demonstrating our proactivity are key factors of our Human Resource approach. These are reflexes that provide us with a certain flexibility and enable us to adapt our strategies and therefore maintain and enhance the employability of our teams.