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Looking for our future Talents

Bolloré Transport & Logistics is experiencing steady growth and in order to maintain this progress, our employees are our greatest strength. As such, we are now recruiting the talents of the future.

School Relations

School relations are a core aspect of our recruitment policy. It is an excellent way of introducing us to students and forming tight links with schools, universities and organisations.

On the one hand, this partnership helps people familiarise themselves with our values, challenges, businesses and opportunities for helping students pursue a professional career within a Group like ours.

For this reason, our HR teams and operational staff representatives from each of our businesses regularly participate in various career forums at our partner schools where they work on specific workshops or thematic events (conferences, case studies, HR coaching, etc.).

We are steadily and sustainably increasing our involvement with schools and universities. Our involvement in teaching modules, admission juries and teaching councils are also ways we ensure that teaching programmes remain relevant to the realities in the field and on the market, thus contributing to anticipating and developing the necessary skills for the future.

 We also take part in inter-professional thematic conferences and seminars provided by various institutions. These events are often organised by students who have received training in our core business and present, aside from the knowledge they contribute, the opportunity to form contacts and hold very interesting discussions in a less formal setting.

First and foremost, commitment

Our school relations enable us to meet students, hold fruitful exchanges with them and collect their CVs for potential future collaborations, including internships, training courses, VIE or graduate schemes.

Provided that this is a mutual commitment, there must be genuine transparency in order to establish a relationship of trust and ensure that both parties regard this as a positive experience, especially since our interns and trainees have a range of recruitment opportunities to choose from: VIE, fixed-term contracts or permanent contracts; the opportunities on offer at the end of internships or training courses are real and international!

We offer over 60 internship and training opportunities each year for operational positions (supply chain, logistics, shopping, engineering (civil, port and railway), industrial project management, business, etc.) and support functions (finance, transport law, information systems, human resources, marketing, etc.).

An international spectrum

Although the discovery our highly diversified businesses may be interesting in itself, students receiving experience within Bolloré Transport & Logistics are totally immersed in a stimulating multicultural environment that encourages them to make the most of their knowledge and develop their professional qualities, thus enhancing their employability. We also offer internships abroad, so why not go on an adventure!