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Diversity, a key issue

Supporting the career path of our female employees

Because people with the same qualifications and skill levels continue to be treated differently, we commit to paying particular attention to the career paths of our women employees through the following focuses:

  • Given equal skill levels, increasing the proportion of female employees in professions not held widely by women
  • Further promoting the selection of women in our management programmes
  • Monitoring and supporting female managers in their career evolution (in certain situations optimising their settling-in process).

Valuing diversity and in particularly disability

Disabilities are often stigmatised but, above all, little is really known about them. We are committed to raising awareness of disabilities and training our employees on the “management of difference”. We also seek to enable and facilitate the recruitment and professional fulfilment of employees with disabilities at our subsidiaries through a range of initiatives:

  • Raising staff awareness of disabilities
  • Training HR teams on the recruitment and integration of people with disabilities
  • Training managers taking on a person with disabilities on the “management of difference”
  • Adapting our premises and workstations to employees with disabilities and provide them with ideal working conditions

Capitalising on and offering opportunities to young people:

Young people embody tomorrow’s talents and create fresh momentum. We place particular importance on encouraging their ideas and integrating them into our development programmes, notably through our relationships with schools, the aim being to help them learn about our professions and possible career paths. This approach is reflected in concrete actions in a number of fields:

  • Partnerships with diversified schools: presentation of our professions, participation in school forums, welcoming interns and people on work-study programmes, signature of partnership agreements
  • The integration of young talents identified at the career committee meetings of the B’Tomorrow programme (which supports talented young individuals by quickly offering them greater responsibilities at the company)
  • Sponsorship: call for projects in support of young people via EarthTalent and approaching student organisations to that end

Value experience

Seniors stand as a true asset for the company both through their occupational expertise and the interpersonal skills acquired over their careers. This is why we promote their career paths by highlighting their strengths and involving them in the transmission of skills to new generations of employees.