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Master training course: the central role of the international transport commission

Meeting tomorrow's challenges

Developing the expertise of our employees is vital, enabling us to respond to future challenges and provide an ever more adapted response to the expectations of our customers. This project, initially developed for the entities in Africa (46 countries and 3,500 Middle Office and Front Office employees), is to be extended to the other world regions.


Innovative multimodal educational course


Introduction to the transport commission, objectives of the course, the target public for giving meaning to the course and a 360° vision. Assessment of training needs for each learner: self-positioning through a questionnaire on the target business



Onboarding: welcome to BTL, Compliance and QHSE and Institutional, economic players and contractual relations


Environment and offering

From customer demand to reporting: Maritime transport, Air transport, Overland transport, Contract logistics and Collateral management


Specific methodology for each training course

Photo taken at a session in Burkina Faso. The participants appreciate this new approach in terms both of educational format and content. They stress the importance of broadening their vision, acquiring new occupational knowledge and mastering fundamentals.

The training course, created on a customised basis and internally with the input of business line experts, is available in a combination of distance learning and classroom sessions.

  • A variety of educational tools: teaser, self-positioning questionnaire, e-learning, classroom sessions, game, workshop, quiz, assessment, etc.
  • Educational methods for anticipating needs, assessing practices, deepening knowledge and monitoring acquired skills. Simple access to resources and flexible time management.