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The b’tomorrow programme, dedicated to the company’s young talents

Stimulating your talents

Each B’Tomorrow session brings together employees selected at career committee meetings to experience an entirely new form of learning by participating in a business game. Working together in teams, the young participants get the chance to demonstrate their ability to take initiative and risks and make progress together. At the end of the session, they present their projects to a panel of top executives.


The 5 objectives of the programme:


a relevant support solution for the young talents identified at the career committee meetings held around the world



the sense of belonging and earn the loyalty of this young population, which is particularly affected by staff turnover



digital communities serving to unlock synergies at divisional level



our young talents and offer them job openings and occupational mobility projects  



the long-term success of our company by taking a future-looking stance on managerial succession and expertise areas 


Découvrez les témoignages de nos jeunes talents, à l’occasion du lancement de l’édition 2023 du B’Tomorrow Europe :