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Bolloré Logistics inaugurates a pharmaceutical warehouse in DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo. 17 June 2016

On June 17 2016, Bolloré Logistics, a brand of Bolloré Transport & Logistics, inaugurated a modern pharmaceutical warehouse in Kinshasa.

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The facility, covering a total of 1,000 sqm, is divided into specialised zones. These include a vaccine preparation zone at a controlled temperature of 2-8°, with an automated blower system that maintains a temperature of 18° in the main area, access secured by automatic doors, a video-surveillance system and inventory software equipped with scan guns.
Pharmaceutical products and vaccines can be stored in perfect condition until they are released for use.

At the inauguration ceremony, the Minister for the National Economy was represented by the Cabinet Director, alongside partners of Bolloré Logistics and members of its top management. “Our aim is to accompany the development of the country in the field of health”, underlined Yves DEBIESME, Managing Director of Bolloré Transport & Logistics in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our support focuses on two main areas. Firstly, the creation of a centre of excellence to train the new generation of pharmacists to face the country’s logistics challenges, and secondly investment in modern pharmaceutical structures to improve storage, transport and distribution conditions from the centre at Kinshasa.
Thierry EHRENBOGEN, CEO of Bolloré Logistics, added that the depot was “a first for Africa in the consolidation of the cold chain”.

For eight years already, Bolloré Transport & Logistics has been working in DRC in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNPD) to deliver pharmaceutical products to the population via its health centre networks. This collaboration has enabled the development of a network of expertise in RDC capable of addressing the country’s growing needs.