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Bolloré Logistics puts the Botsync robot into operation in Singapore

Puteaux. 14 February 2023

Bolloré Logistics has begun deployment of the new automation solution based on Botsync’s MAG300 autonomous mobile robot (AMR) in its Blue Hub in Singapore. Its objective: to facilitate the replenishment and preparation of orders.

Bolloré Logistics and the start-up Botsync co-designed an autonomous mobile robot in 2021, with the aim of streamlining replenishment and order picking. The solution was proved to be effective after a 12-month test phase. With a maximum lifting payload of 300 kg, the MAG300 can complete up to 160 trips daily and transport close to 300 boxes per hour, thus significantly reducing manual operations and delivering improved performance.

Loig Pavard

CEO of Bolloré Logistics Singapore

Our collaboration with Botsync is based on the certainty that innovation will help to alleviate difficult working conditions for our employees in the field. Bolloré Logistics Singapore is delighted to be proactively involved in developing innovative technologies, whether to improve our teams' well-being or to maximise the quality of our offering for customers.

The AMR solution is now in the implementation phase in Blue Hub, with plans under way to extend its use to other hubs. Bolloré Logistics’ Healthcare Hub in Singapore will be the next to receive this technology. The ultimate goal is to incorporate processes involving stock movements in order to maximise the use of AMR.

Prashant Trivedi

Directeur des contenus et co-fondateur de Botsync

At Botsync, we have built our AMR automation solution in a highly modularised form, to make it extremely flexible and ensure it can co-exist with existing facilities. Bolloré Logistics Singapore has a great approach towards adoption of technology and collaboration with partners. This has helped us to develop the MAG300 and deploy it on this first site before scaling it across their other hubs