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Bolloré Logistics, the expert in aeronautics and aerospace logistics

Puteaux. 18 November 2019

For over sixty years, Bolloré Logistics provides its customers with all of its expertise in aeronautics and aerospace logistics through a range of services, including the transport of parts and assemblies of multiple origins and value-added operations.

Around the world, it manages the most sensitive logistics flows through operational structures available 24/7 and emergency rooms, located close to all the main international airports. Bolloré Logistics relies on a network of 1,600 specialists trained in the techniques of the sector to meet the most challenging demands in more than 100 countries.

3 questions to Jérôme Le Grand, Aerospace Director of Bolloré Logistics

How has Bolloré Logistics' service offer evolved?

Bolloré Logistics’ range has been upgraded to take three key factors into account: quality, cost and lead times. For the customer, this last point often proves decisive. Today we need to be able not just to manage transport from point A to point B but to provide a global service comprising the best transport plan taking account of our responsiveness as regards implementation. Moreover, we always have a plan B for every possible issue. This is a considerable advantage and a guarantee for our customers

What are the next development steps? 

The aerospace market offers new opportunities and we are well positioned to develop our expertise in this segment. In early 2019, Bolloré Logistics added a new chapter to its history by contributing to the OneWeb program, one of the most ambitious currently in development. The objective is to provide internet access to the entire world through a constellation of over 600 satellites. Standing apart with our know-how, we have been entrusted with the task of shipping the first satellites from Toulouse to the space center in French Guiana and will also be responsible for transporting the next satellites from plants to the launch zone.

How digitalization is impacting this sector?

The digital transformation is central to all innovations in the aeronautics and aerospace sector, particularly as part of the future plant with the implementation of a “digital twin” or “digital shadow”, a digital reproduction technology used to detect any potential breakdowns. But to boost performance, the technology will also have to comprise data lakes, the increasing amount of data generated by an aircraft and its ecosystem. The two objectives here are to implement a predictive maintenance system to avoid aircraft-on-ground situations and improve aircraft reliability through the increasing amount of data generated by an aircraft and its ecosystem. For Bolloré Logistics, this means meeting the challenge of sharing and providing, in real time, the tracking of each shipment entrusted to us. Regarding the logistics part, it will be a requirement to immediately provide the location and available quantities for each reference of items stored in our airport hubs.