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Bolloré Transport & Logistics' commitment to promoting gender equality

Puteaux. 02 June 2021

Gender equality is one of our priority issues; it is included in our HR policy and in a charter dedicated to diversity. We are committed to promoting women at all levels of the company and to increasing the proportion of women in jobs traditionally held by men. Women currently represent more than 30% of our workforce, and this figure is constantly increasing.

Currently, 20% of employees in the transport and logistics sector in France are women. With 30% of our global workforce made up of women, our company is stepping up its efforts to increase this proportion in the coming years. In the space of five years, the number of women managers has doubled. This is particularly true in the Asia-Pacific region, where nearly half of the regional management positions are now held by women.

Putting talent before gender

The fact that we have so many women in our workforce is not the result of rules or quotas that we have imposed. These encouraging figures are the result of a recruitment policy that focuses above all on candidates’ skills.


David-Alexandre Fournier, HR Director of Bolloré Transport & Logistics

We do not discriminate in the selection and promotion of our employees. Our jobs are open to all profiles depending on the nature of the position to be filled and the skills required

In all the countries in the network, our female employees operate at all levels of the company, in positions that are sometimes considered to be male, such as gantry crane operators in Congo, train drivers in Cameroon, or supply logistics coordinators in France, while others attain managerial or executive positions at Head Office and in the company's many subsidiaries.


Female ambassadors to promote parity

Although the transport and logistics professions have long suffered from a gendered image, they are now attracting many young women who want to be part of the development of this buoyant sector, which is essential to the functioning of economies.


David-Alexandre Fournier

It's up to us to encourage women who are still hesitant to enter our professions, even though they have all the qualities to succeed. We believe strongly in the power of examples to encourage new vocations.

With this in mind, Bolloré Transport & Logistics is committed to highlighting the inspiring careers of the company's female employees. In addition to speaking out on social networks and putting the spotlight on their careers in videos, these women are also regularly invited to discuss the challenges of inclusion and diversity at iconic events around the world, such as the Assises de la Parité run by the International Women’s Forum, the Les Héroïnes forum in Abidjan and Dakar, and the Women in Business forum.


David-Alexandre Fournier

We want everyone, irrespective of gender, to have the opportunity to demonstrate their talent and meet the challenges of leadership