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Bolloré Transport & Logistics mobilises on the occasion of International Women's Day

Puteaux. 08 March 2022

Today, 8 March 2022, is an opportunity for countries around the world to rally for Women's Day (as the United Nations calls it). To mark its commitment and determination to make progress on this key issue, the Bolloré Group organised a web conference broadcast to all its employees worldwide on the theme of “Equality, gender parity – it’s time to talk!”

David-Alexandre Fournier

HR Director of the Bolloré Group

Women constitute 41% of the French working population, but only 30% of managers and 19% of senior executives. We therefore believe that it is our Group’s responsibility to ensure equitable treatment by seeing to it that all of the men and women we employ have the same opportunities to develop their careers.

Gender equality is one of the Bolloré Group's main priorities. These issues are integrated into the Group’s HR policy, as well as into a diversity charter which aims to promote women at all levels of the company. Putting talent before gender, breaking with preconceived ideas, and shining a spotlight on equality are also objectives shared by the Group's management teams, human resources, managers and employees.

On this day of international rallying, numerous actions were also organised by the Group's subsidiaries around the world.

In Africa, several initiatives have been proposed to raise awareness among employees, but also to support women locally to access education, employment and essential resources which are sometimes located far away from them. In Cameroon, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal, employees were invited to attend conferences, participate in round tables and discover the inspiring career paths of a number of female employees through video clips. In these same countries, but also in Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso and Chad, donations were made in conjunction with local associations to hospitalised or displaced women, and young female students.

In North and South America as well as in the Asia-Pacific region, workshops were hosted and filmed, and discussions focused on combating stereotypes. Awareness-raising actions were also carried out in India, Indonesia and Qatar, and portraits of “Inspiring women" were displayed on the company's premises.

With a wide geographical and professional diversity, the Bolloré Group is committed to training and communicating on best practices in terms of equality all year round. The 8th of March is therefore another opportunity to break down stereotypes and more than ever to put talent before gender.


Adrian Lopez

HR Development and Recruitment Director for Bolloré Transport & Logistics

It's something we've been working on for many years, although rather discretely. Today, we would like to make the actions we take more visible. We believe that providing concrete examples is the only credible way to truly make a difference.