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Bolloré Transport & Logistics participates in the Breakbulk Europe Conference & Exhibition 2016

Puteaux. 23 May 2016

Bolloré Transport & Logistics, one of the 10 world’s leading transport and logistics groups, will be present as an exhibitor at the next Breakbulk Conference, from 23-26 May in Antwerp, Belgium.

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This major event in Europe gathers companies involved in the shipping of heavy-lift, project cargo and traditional breakbulk cargoes. On this occasion, Bolloré Transport & Logistics is showcasing its tailor-made solutions through its different brands : Bolloré Logistics, for industrial projects logistics, and Bolloré Ports for cargo handling and shipping services.

Bolloré Logistics: An expert in industrial projects logistics

Customers and suppliers will have the opportunity to meet Bolloré Logistics Industrial Projects teams coming from Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe.

This will also be the opportunity to share the latest information on our Group where greater synergies, both commercially and operationally have been established between the regional projects divisions in Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States.

Bolloré Logistics proposes tailor-made solutions in sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical, mining, construction and equipment and in various other industries.

At a time of continued turbulence in the oil and gas market, the impact of which can be keenly felt in various project sectors, we believe that now more than ever we need to stay strong and resilient as a group. “We need to remain even closer to our customers in this sector by travelling this difficult path together and looking for project solutions that can mitigate and reduce costs and add efficiency to the overall supply chain” said Philippe Lejeune, Industrial Projects Europe Director.

One area that Bolloré Logistics does foresee as having significant growth in the coming years, especially in the developing world, is the power sector. With this in mind, Bolloré Logistics has created at the start of 2016 a global industry vertical specializing in Energy and Renewables which will look to implement efficient project logistics solutions in industries such as wind, solar, hydro, thermal as well as standard diesel and nonrenewable power.

“This vertical will work closely with all our project divisions worldwide where our footprint and expertise mean that we are able to meet the logistics challenge of energy projects in even the most demanding of locations” added Philippe Lejeune.

Our unique operational solutions meet stringent specifications requested by the major global players and the success of each project is supported, among other things, by this network of experts in Europe as well as all over the Bolloré Logistics network in the world.

Bolloré Ports: A global port operator of shipping services and infrastructures

Present in the maritime sector for over 90 years, Bolloré Ports has developed the first network of shipping agencies in Africa and the Indian Ocean, known primarily under the brand of AFRITRAMP.

With a network of 100 agencies (75 of which are located in Africa), Bolloré Ports handles in excess of 9,000 vessel calls per year and in addition provides a range of services customized to regular international shipping lines, tramp operators as well as charterers.

In France, Bolloré Ports is an important player in specialized port handling operations, with a presence in 14 major ports and the handling of 250,000 TEUs per year.

Bolloré Ports is the first port infrastructure operator in Africa, with 16 concessions.

Being part of Bolloré Transport & Logistics allows Bolloré Ports to offer to both local and international customers a wide range of complementary services (storage yards, warehousing, logistics, inland haulage).   

Where to find Bolloré Transport & Logistics?

Breakbulk: Antwerp Expo, Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 191, BE-2020 Antwerp, Belgium

Booth n°722H4 will be located Hall 4

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