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Closing session of the Maps Europe training programme

Putaux. 16 July 2019

On 8 July 2019, the Training Department of Bolloré Transport & Logistics organised the closing session of Maps Europe, the training programme for the company’s managers, at the Pavillon d’Armenonville in Paris.

David-Alexandre Fournier, HRD, Bolloré Transport & Logistics, kicked off the session by stressing the importance of the Maps programme, which has been upgraded since its creation in line with the needs of our businesses and management culture.

The second speaker, Henri Le Gouis, CEO Europe of Bolloré Logistics, underlined the necessity of the management programme, which has sought to continuously improve and optimise our processes and organisation system against the backdrop of a constantly changing transport and logistics sector.

Frédéric Demarcq, Learning and Development Director at Bolloré Transport & Logistics, continued the session with a presentation of the training strategy and the “management pathways” at the company.
The 25 participants were able to dialogue and share their own feedback.

Teresa Pisani, Fashion & Retail Product Manager. Italy

“This training course was extremely fulfilling because it helped me to better understand my environment, ask myself the right questions and better balance my approach. The course instilled us with the values of honesty, transparency and consideration, which for me are key to top-quality management.”

The event was wrapped up by Thierry Ehrenbogen, CEO of Bolloré Logistics, who handed out diplomas and certificates to each participant. 


About Maps 

The Maps programme, launched in 2014, targets managers having worked at the Group for at least three years. For over three years, managers selected at career committee meetings have attended a 16-day course divided into eight modules comprising presentations, tests, practical exercises and role playing. Over the three-year training period, they learn to master the know-how and interpersonal skills necessary to managerial and leadership positions. To develop motivated and effective teams, they are also trained on management fundamentals. 

As part of the course, the participants take part in challenges on important issues for Bolloré Transport & Logistics, including the digitalisation of our sales offerings, synergies between business lines, and electronic document management. Divided into four-person groups, they work together to devise innovative solutions that could improve the company’s organisation system. The best projects are selected and approved by a jury with a view to implementation at Bolloré Transport & Logistics.

Since 2017, over 220 managers have been trained on the five continents on which Bolloré Transport & Logistics is present.