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Congo Terminal acquires two new STS gantries

Pointe-Noire. 02 November 2016

Two new state-of-the-art ship-to-shore (STS) gantries are now part of Congo Terminal, subsidiarie of Bolloré Ports in the Republic of Congo.

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Able to load and offload ships with a capacity of 16,000 containers, the new STS, added to the four existing gantries, will significantly improve productivity at the Port Autonome de Pointe-Noire. The new equipment will help to address the requirements of international ship owners and Congo Terminal’s commercial partners.

Since 2009, Bolloré Ports has invested substantially to make Congo Terminal into a modern, highly-efficient platform. The investments have focused on deepening the draught and lengthening the wharves. By the end of 2016, total available wharf length will have been increased to 1.5 km. They have been used to acquire modern information systems and a range of operating and handling equipment, including four mobile cranes, 16 rubber tyred gantries (RTG), and six STS gantries for a total of 34 bn FCFA. Congo Terminal has practically doubled its storage areas, now totalling over 32 hectares (79 acres).

With the new infrastructures, Port Autonome de Pointe-Noire has now the capacity to process over 11 million containers per year, compared with 150,000 in 2009.

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