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Donations collected during the Marathon Day are given to local associations

Puteaux. 16 February 2021

Created in 2016 by Cyrille Bolloré, Chairman of the Bolloré Group, the annual Marathon Day which is hosted in September brings together all Bolloré Group employees throughout the world for the benefit of charities that support youth.

[Translate to English:] Photo EarthTalent by Bolloré prise par Dorothée Van Der Cruyssen, Directrice de l’Engagement Solidaire International & Mécénat du Groupe Bolloré

For the 5th edition of the Marathon Day the funds that were raised thanks to the generosity of employees, were divided between the ten countries with the most participants in order to support local organisations in their operating regions.

Generosity worldwide

In the United States, the Group's employees showed their support for the Autism Speak association which works with autistic children and their families and for research in this field.The donation will benefit more than 500,000 children across the country.

A donation was also made to United Performing Arts Fund, an organisation that works to conserve and promote art in Wisconsin. It carries out numerous initiatives with young people to raise awareness and provide access to various forms of art.

In France, the Group's country of origin, employees contributed to the Covid-19 emergency fund of the foundation AP-HP, a hospital charity organisation based in Paris,to boost the resources implemented for the AP-HP medical teams, who have been on the front line since the start of the pandemic through their responsibilities for screening, care and research.

The Group's employees in the United Arab Emirates wished to make their donation to the NGO Manzil, an educational centre for children with disabilities.

Finally, in Singapore, the employees made a donation to the “Walk for Our Children”  fund-raising project of Singapore Children’s Society, which works to protect and nurture children and young people of all nationalities and backgrounds who are living inn eed.

Donations for youth in Africa

In Côte d'Ivoire,Bolloré Transport & Logistics has signed an agreement with the NGO DynExAfrica to handle the costs of training for several young girls from working-class neighbourhoods in robotics, drone operation, electronics and app development.

This ambition has been followed by the company's employees in Cameroon who have donated to La Chaîne des Foyers Saint Nicodème homes, an association working for family reintegration, and socio-professional support for homeless children. Through the agreement, 11 minors will benefit from occupational training courses and social rehabilitation.

In Benin, the donation made by employees to the NGO Racines will support the implementation of the NGO’s educational programme for young people from disadvantaged areas in Benin, providing them with a varied range of courses in several skill areas.

In Burkina Faso, the national association for the education and social reintegration of children atrisk (ANERSER), was also able to benefit from the support of the local employees for its “Project for the socio-economic and professional integration of young people trained and supported by ANERSER in Ouagadougou".

The employees of Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Kenya donated to Safari Doctors.This contribution enabled more than 1,250 patients to benefit from services ranging from a medical consultation to dispensing vaccines, maternal and childcare, medicines for chronic diseases and othervital services during the association's first medical intervention in 2021.

Finally, in Sierra Leone, employees chose to support the NGO Don Bosco Fambul, which works to help destitute and ill-treated children. The donation will help the organisation in the numerous vital services it provides to these young people relative to their professional future.