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Generation Y: the future of Bolloré Transport & Logistics

Puteaux, France. 22 August 2019

Bolloré Transport & Logistics was built since 1822 by several generations of committed managers and employees. The key challenge for the Group today is moving into the future with a hyperconnected and spontaneous generation looking for extra meaning. Focus on Generation Y.

Referred to as “millennials”, the members of Generation Y, are considered as “digital natives”. Aged today between 19 and 33, they grew up in front of the television and witnessed the explosion of the Internet, mobile and the social networks.

How is Bolloré Transport & Logistics adapting to Generation Y?

Integration at their place of work is a key criterion for Generation Y. And for Bolloré Transport & Logistics, it is a way of building loyalty. “It is a passionate and motivated generation that believes in what it does. Our culture of innovation is fully in step with the expectations of millennials and we give our young employees a voice and the opportunity to express all their talent.” David-Alexandre Fournier, Human Resources Director of Bolloré Transport & Logistics.

The Human Resources Department implemented a professional development program for young talents: B’Tomorrow. It has enabled 30 employees selected to experience a new form of learning by participating in virtual business games into several teams, to give free rein to their entrepreneurial spirit and make progress together.

"BTL Innov", created on an initiative by Mohamed Diop, Regional Manager, Gulf of Guinea, is a project aimed at collecting and applying the innovative ideas of the young employees of Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Cameroon. The shortlisted ideas are presented to a final jury and the people behind the most promising concepts are honoured at an awards ceremony. 

Integration: essential for generation Y to build loyalty

We also organize the B’trainees Welcome Convention twice a year at our headquarters. It is an integration session, reserved for interns and people on work-study programs, get to find out more about our various business activities, dialogue with the company and listen to first-hand accounts from operational staff seeking to share their experience.

Another vital question for millennials is mobility. Generation Y members are more willing to change professions, regions and even countries. At Bolloré Transport & Logistics, we support people looking to advance and develop their career internationally. We also encourage internal occupational mobility, favoured by synergies between our business lines. 

Our collaborators talk about it

Hélène Denoun (24 years), Web Project Manager

Bolloré Transport & Logistics is an international company that brings its employees the possibility to travel and connect with the whole world. I started with an internship in Vietnam in 2017 and then joined the teams at the company headquarters a year after. This multicultural aspect is a major plus for me, as is the human dimension. I also like the idea of working at a large group while enjoying true closeness with people.

Anne-Laure Dicka Njolle (30 years), Equipment Management team at Camrail

I started at Camrail with a professional internship before being hired on a long-term contract on 1 August 2016. The company’s training policy is clearly a major advantage as it opens up new possibilities and also helps you to boost your abilities. It’s incredibly motivating!