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Operational Excellence: training programmes launched in Africa

Puteaux. 23 November 2020

The company launched the training programmes for the operational teams in Africa on 10 and 20 September 2020. The initiative is a key focus of the multi-BU Operational Excellence policy led by the General Management of Bolloré Transport & Logistics.

The quest for operational excellence is one of the major components of Bolloré Transport & Logistics’ customer strategy. As part of a policy on continuous improvement and innovation, the company has implemented a Department of Operational Excellence Programmes specifically for Africa.

Franck Benoist & Joël Tamandjo

Department of Operational Excellence Programmes

Operational Excellence is a policy aimed at continuously boosting the efficiency of each employee in their work and thus the overall performance of the company. By simplifying processes and extending greater autonomy to all employees, Operational Excellence serves to reduce unnecessary costs while improving the quality of the services provided to our customers.

To strengthen the results, the company has launched the certified virtual training programmes ExOp Afrique Blue Belt and Yellow/Green Belt. The online courses combine webinars and practical work on an important local issue. 

Franck Benoist & Joël Tamandjo

Feedback from the first class has proved particularly encouraging, and the study projects are promising. We would also like to thank all the participants in Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, the Congo, Burkina Faso and Senegal for their involvement.

3 questions for Franck Benoist and Joël Tamandjo

Can you tell us about the content of the ExOp Afrique Blue Belt and Yellow/Green Belt courses?

The Blue Belt course helps team heads to implement a “Daily Management” ritual with their team aimed at developing communication and coordination with a view to continuous improvement. 

The Yellow/Green Belt course helps managers to oversee improvement projects. The course boosts their abilities to lead a pluridisciplinary team and carry out targeted actions on issues relating to flows, the improvement of productivity and the reduction of processing times. 

Who can take part and how do employees join the programme?

Our programmes are exclusively for Bolloré Transport & Logistics employees, all Business Units combined, based in Africa. Blue certification is for team leaders and Yellow/Green Belt certification is for managers who need to improve their processes. To find out more and sign up for a course, speak with your manager or HR head, who will contact us directly.

What is the goal of these courses on the Operational Excellence policy of Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Africa?

Operational Excellence is a true opportunity to improve each employee’s environment, enabling them to fully harness their potential. Our vision for the teams in Africa is for each one to have a Daily Management ritual and for each manager to be able to manage Operational Excellence projects. 

Didier Pouagne's Testimony

The Head of the Container Delivery Department at Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Gabon shares about the benefits gained from participating in the Blue Belt course, part of the operational excellence programme.

How would you describe the Blue Belt Operational Excellence course you took part in ?

It is a rewarding course that promotes participative management. The required workload is intense, but applying the notions I learnt can truly simplify the everyday management of my team.

How do you apply course content on a daily basis?

We’ve set up Daily Management meetings to bring the entire team together every morning from 8:00 to 8:10. Meetings focus on a management table where we can easily visualise and manage tasks in progress. First of all, that means we no longer have to chase after everyone for access to information. And second, we are guaranteed that all team members have the same level of information to respond effectively to customer requests.

What did you learn in the course?

At the beginning of the course, the trainers (Franck Benoist and Joël Tamandjo) mentioned that implementing Daily Management meetings would probably show me my team in a new light. And that’s what happened. I can already see that my employees are taking more initiative.

Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?

Yes, in fact I intend to enrol my team members in the next training sessions. What’s more, it’s a certified training course recognised by Bolloré.