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The « Gen Xers » : a committed, motivated generation

Puteaux. 18 February 2020

They are employees who have more than twenty years of service with Bolloré Transport & Logistics, and who share a birth date between 1960 and 1980. They are the ”Gen Xers”, a committed, motivated generation.

Who are the "Gen Xers"?

Despite being born in the era of the telex, fax and Minitel, the French Videotex online network, the “Gen Xers” are major players in the socio-economic developments that impact everyday life. This agile generation lost no time in getting in grips with the connected world of the web, mobile phones and social media. Indeed, it was the Gen Xers who founded digital companies like Twitter, Google, Youtube, Yahoo and Paypal all over the world.


A major asset of Bolloré Transport & Logistics

The women and men of this generation embody the history of our different business areas and the achievements of Bolloré Transport & Logistics. They have witnessed all the biggest changes to our professional and personal lives and carry proudly its values.  

Their interviews are full of words like “excellence”, “involvement”, “fairness”, “loyalty” and “trust”. Words that express their great pride in working for a family business that listens to its employees and promotes equal opportunities and diversity across its international network. 

These motivated employees now want to pass on their experience to their successors and Bolloré Transport & Logistics is helping them to do just that. For example, Bolloré Energy has introduced a mentoring system as part of its on-boarding program, whereby young recruits are paired up with a tutor.

Camara Mamadouba, Handling Director

Bolloré Transport & Logistics Conakry, Guinea

Bolloré Transport & Logistics has provided me with a good working environment and profession fulfilment. I am proud to have been part of such a wonderful human adventure for 32 years.

Annick Tronchet, Operating Agent

Bolloré Logistics Guadeloupe, France

Since 1984, I’ve had the opportunity to a part of the different developments that have helped build Bolloré Transport & Logistics as a brand […]. I am now proud to play a role in training and the young people who join the company.