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Bolloré Energy completes its acquisition of Sicarbu Ouest

Puteaux. 11 July 2023

On 11 July 2023, Bolloré Energy finalised the purchase of 100% of the shares in Sicarbu Ouest, a subsidiary of the Eureden cooperative specialising in the distribution of petroleum products.

The agreement for the acquisition of Sicarbu Ouest was signed on 28 April but remained subject to approval from the French Competition Authority, which has since been obtained without reservation. This strategic acquisition will enable Bolloré Energy to offer its low-carbon solutions to new customers, thus helping to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Thierry Javit

Distribution and Network Director, Bolloré Energy

We are proud to welcome the Sicarbu Ouest teams to the Bolloré Energy network. Our aim is to pool our expertise so that we can continue to supply Sicarbu Ouest’s customers while providing them with effective solutions to help them decarbonise their activities. We will strive to maintain the uniqueness of Sicarbu Ouest, which has built a genuine partnership with its customers, particularly in the agricultural sector. The link with the Eureden cooperative will be maintained. Cooperative farmers who wish to do so will be able to continue to order via their local shop and to account for their fuel oil purchases.

Sicarbu Ouest is a highly reputed regional operator in oil distribution. It has locations in Brittany, Loire-Atlantique and Mayenne, with around 40 experienced employees across some 22 sites. It also has 31 lorries and five AS24 stations, which helped it to achieve sales of close to €100m in 2022. Together, these resources have earned the company a solid reputation among its customers, most of whom come from the agricultural sector.


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