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Bolloré Energy exhibits at Solutrans

Puteaux. 16 November 2021

Bolloré Energy, a major player in oil logistics in France and Europe, will be at the Solutrans exhibition taking place from 16 to 20 November 2021 at Lyon Eurexpo. This year’s theme for the event, that brings together market players from across the commercial and urban vehicle industry, is “sustainable and connected solutions for a responsible transport sector”. Bolloré Energy will be presenting KOOLZA 100 and IZIPURE, the latest additions to its range of special products for road carriers.

KOOLZA 100 is produced exclusively from rapeseed grown and processed in France. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil diesel with an equivalent range, reducing CO2 emissions by 60% and fine particle emissions by 80%. Aimed solely at professional customers (carriers, rail industry, etc.), KOOLZA 100 is compatible with the majority of trucks available on the market, significantly reducing their carbon impact without the need to invest in a new fleet.

IZIPURE is a new synthetic fuel made from waste oil, and reduces CO2 emissions by at least 85%. With properties similar to conventional diesel, IZIPURE is fully miscible and can be used 100%. It is also compatible with almost all old and new diesel engines, so requires no additional investment.

As part of its commitment to the ecological transition, Bolloré Energy has also decided to promote the use of this fuel with its hydrocarbon transport suppliers to ensure the logistics of the oil products distributed. By 2022, more than 30% of deliveries on behalf of Bolloré Energy will be made by trucks using the new low-carbon fuels, with the aim of reaching 100% by 2023.

Christine Puifourcat

National Sales Manager for Speciality Products at Bolloré Energy

Bolloré Energy is firmly committed to the energy transition. We have been working for a number of years now to develop fuels that are less polluting and just as efficient, with lower consumption. We are delighted to see our customers again and to present our latest innovations as alternatives to the conventional fuels available on the market,

About Bolloré Energy

Bolloré Energy, a major player in oil logistics in France and Europe, has a storage capacity of 2.1 million m3 at 27 wholly or partly owned depots. Bolloré Energy holds a 33.3% share of Raffinerie du Midi, 95% of Société Française Donges Metz (SFDM) and 70% of Dépôt Rouen Petit-Couronne (DRPC). Bolloré Energy also distributes oil products through a network of more than 100 agencies.

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