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Bolloré Energy launches Calorza, its F30 biofuel

Puteaux. 09 November 2022

Bolloré Energy is renewing its commitment to the energy transition in the oil sector with the launch of its F30 biofuel, Calorza. Consisting of 30% fatty acid methyl esters (FAME), more specifically vegetable oil, Calorza helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With Calorza, Bolloré Energy is once again adapting its expertise and offering an alternative to traditional heating oils. Thanks to collaborative work carried out with the FF3C1, the company aims to reduce the share of fossil energies in domestic heating oil. The product will be gradually rolled out throughout France, with Bolloré Energy customers able to source Calorza2 directly from their usual agency.

As a major player in oil logistics and distribution in France and Europe, Bolloré Energy has invested in this energy transformation and is adapting its heating service offerings with the sale and installation of F303-compatible boilers and burners.

Hakim Britel

Managing Director of Bolloré Energy

Following several months of work, in collaboration with the FF3C and boiler manufacturers, we are pleased to be able to offer consumers an F30 biofuel. Calorza fits perfectly into our low-carbon product offering, alongside Koolza100 and Izipure. At Bolloré Energy we are convinced of the importance of low-carbon liquid fuels in the energy mix and Calorza is fully in line with this strategy.

Following an Opinion Way4 survey of heating-oil users conducted in July 2022, nearly 80% of consumers were ready to be supplied with biofuel, and 51% to use biocompatible boilers. Bolloré Energy therefore offers consumers the opportunity to move towards more environmentally friendly and lower carbon energy consumption, with no loss of comfort.

Fédération Française des Combustibles, Carburants & Chauffage
Calorza is a trademark owned by Bolloré Energy
In accordance with the ministerial decree of 1 October authorising the marketing of F30
Opinion Way is a survey company. To view the results of the study conducted on behalf of the FF3C: Resultats-barometre-fioul-OpinionWay_2022 (biofioul.info)


About Bolloré Energy

Bolloré Energy, a major player in oil logistics and distribution in France and Europe, has a storage capacity of 1.2 million m3 at 23 wholly- or partly-owned depots. Bolloré Energy distributes its petroleum products through a network of more than 100 branches across France. Bolloré Energy also holds a 33.3% share of Raffinerie du Midi and 70% of Dépôt Rouen Petit-Couronne (DRPC). A front runner in the development of products and services enabling its clients to reduce their environmental footprint, Bolloré Energy offers a range of low carbon products (Biofioul Evolution F5, Calorza, Koolza100, Izipure) developed with a view, in particular, to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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