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Bolloré Energy launches "IZIPURE", a low-carbon fuel produced from hydrogenated vegetable oil

Puteaux. 09 December 2021

Bolloré Energy announces the launch of a synthetic diesel (HVO) under the name IZIPURE. This new fuel produced from animal fats and used cooking oils and processed by Bolloré’s partner NESTE, proves to be an effective ecological alternative to fossil diesel. It reduces CO2 emissions by at least 85% and fine particle emissions by 30%.

With a purer molecular composition than diesel, IZIPURE allows for better combustion thanks to its higher cetane number, equivalent range, and improved cold flow properties and stability. In view of its similarity to standard diesel, IZIPURE is also fully miscible and 100% usable. It is also compatible with almost all old and new diesel engines, so requires no additional investment.

Christine Puifourcat

National Sales Manager for Speciality Products

Bolloré Energy firmly believes that low-carbon fuels have an essential role to play in the energy transition, alongside the development of other energies such as electric and hydrogen. IZIPURE is a quality alternative that we are launching on the market to go hand in hand with our customers towards the decarbonisation of road transport. This strategy also responds to a growing demand from shipper customers looking for new markets,

As part of its commitment to the ecological transition, Bolloré Energy has also decided to promote the use of this fuel with its suppliers and customers. By 2022, more than 40% of deliveries on behalf of Bolloré Energy will be made by trucks using the new low-carbon fuels, with the aim of reaching 100% by 2023.


About Bolloré Energy

Bolloré Energy, a major player in oil logistics in France and Europe, has a storage capacity of 2.1 million m3 at 27 wholly- or partly-owned depots. Bolloré Energy holds a 33.3% share of Raffinerie du Midi, 95% of Société Française Donges Metz (SFDM) and 70% of Dépôt Rouen Petit-Couronne (DRPC). Bolloré Energy also distributes oil products through a network of more than 100 agencies.


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