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Bolloré Energy supports LK Kunegel in its energy transition

22 September 2022

On 5 September 2022, Bolloré Energy signed an exclusive 7-year contract with the transport company LK Kunegel. Every year, Bolloré Energy will provide it with 4,000 m3 of HVO100 IZIPURE biofuel. LK Kunegel has therefore declared that it wishes to stop being supplied with fossil diesel in favour of IZIPURE, marketed by Bolloré Energy. The biofuel will be transported from the Bolloré Energy depot in Mulhouse, which has already allocated part of its storage capacity to low carbon liquid fuels. The product will be delivered directly to LK Kunegel's site in Colmar using lorries which themselves run on IZIPURE.

As of September 2022, LK Kunegel’s fuel tanks will be filled exclusively with IZIPURE*. Initially, 4 LK businesses will be involved: Voyages Kunegel in Colmar, Sodag Zimmermann in Guebwiller, Chopin-Heitz in Mulhouse and Metrocars in Blotzheim. The 350 coaches and buses which will now be powered using the biofuel clock up around 15 million kilometres per year. This shift in fuel supply means that the carrier will be able to reduce its carbon footprint by 10,000 tonnes of CO2 and 10 tonnes of fine particles (nitrous oxide) every year.

Bolloré Energy is assisting its partners with their energy transition by allowing them to consume less and in a more sustainable way. With IZIPURE, we are enabling professional carriers to reduce their carbon footprint immediately and without having to make renewed investment in their fleets. We are confident, therefore, that IZIPURE, and other low carbon liquid biofuels are going to play a major role in the decarbonisation of the transport sector. For this reason, we are proud to be assisting LK Kunegel with its energy transition today and over the next seven years.” Florian Mohand, Energy Transition Manager, Bolloré Energy.

For Kunegel the advantage of this product is, first and foremost, conceptual, because we believe it is exceptional for an industrial waste product to be able to produce a fuel which is more sustainable, as well as being European. Secondly, there is a clear advantage from a financial perspective, all our coaches being entirely compatible with this product, which makes this transition even easier for us as a carrier.” David Kunegel, chairman of the transport company LK Kunegel.

The Grand Est region, one of the main clients of the transport company LK, was represented by its chairman, Jean Rottner: “Our aim is to make a necessary shift energy-wise. This notion of social, environmental responsibility is what is important for a business today. Therefore, I am grateful to Bolloré Energy because we have a need for businesses which are able, through research and development, to offer us substitute products on a large scale. This is a major benefit for us as a client.

IZIPURE is a synthetic diesel (HVO). It is mainly produced from used cooking oils, and is processed by Bolloré Energy’s partner, NESTE. This fuel represents an efficient ecological alternative to fossil diesel. Notably, it allows for greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by up to 90% compared with using conventional diesel.


* IZIPURE is the trade mark registered by Bolloré Energy for the HVO100 fuel

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Bolloré Energy, a major player in oil logistics and distribution in France and Europe, has a storage capacity of 1.2 million m3 at 23 wholly- or partly-owned depots. Bolloré Energy holds a 33.3% share of Raffinerie du Midi and 70% of Dépôt Rouen Petit-Couronne (DRPC). A front runner in the development of products and services enabling its clients to reduce their environmental footprint, Bolloré Energy offers a range of low carbon products (Biofioul Evolution F3, Biofioul F30, KOOLZA100, IZIPURE) developed with a view, in particular, to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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