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Bolloré Logistics' B.Lab is extendind its organisation structure and scope of intervention

Puteaux. 13 January 2021

Bolloré Logistics' B.Lab is extendind its organisation structure and scope of intervention to set up the development of co-creation projects internationally. After the opening of the B.Lab centres in Paris and Singapore in 2019, Bolloré Logistics is taking a new step forward with the creation of cross-functional communities tasked with coordinating the road maps of five innovation fields identified by the B.Lab.

A total of over 100 Bolloré Logistics employees worldwide have joined the new organisation structure with a view to pooling their expertise, unifying initiatives and identifying new development projects.

  • The first field, “Real-time supply chain visibility and management”, is responsible for assisting the management of data from several sources and in close to real time, while providing an interactive customer experience that contributes to decision-making in supply-chain management.
  • The second, “Optimising and anticipating goods flows”, supports the development of predictive analysis models to optimise flows and resources and propose alternative scenarios for any deviations.
  • The objective of the third field, “Operational excellence”, is to boost service quality through agile-based approaches, notably the Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma .
  • The fourth, “Sustainable supply chain”, develops solutions to improve environmental performance focused in particular on the improvement of transport plans, the implementation of low-carbon transport solutions, and optimised packaging.
  • The fifth, “Warehouse automation”, devises adapted and scalable solutions in storage and order preparation applicable to standard warehouses and warehouses that have already been automated.

This approach is also supported by an innovation team responsible for co-creating proofs of concept with Bolloré Logistics customers and partners, the aim being to demonstrate the feasibility of a procedure or innovation based on new technologies such as the blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and image recognition.

Thierry Ehrenbogen

CEO of Bolloré Logistics

Innovation has been written into the Group’s DNA for nearly 200 years and is also central to the strategy of Bolloré Logistics. The new organization structure will serve to accelerate our digital transformation aimed at bringing our customers value-creating, reliable and flexible solutions

Créé en 2017, le B.Lab est une organisation conçue pour accompagner les initiatives d’innovation de Bolloré Logistics en intégrant les clients au centre de cette approche collaborative. Dans un contexte toujours marqué par les enjeux de transformation digitale mais aussi de résilience avec l’impact de la crise sanitaire, le B.Lab entend concevoir des solutions robustes, agiles et durables imaginées et développées au sein de ses deux centres à Paris et Singapour. 

About Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics is a major international supply chain operator and ranks among the world’s top ten transport and logistics groups with an integrated network of 600 agencies in 109 countries. Placing customers at the heart of its strategy, Bolloré Logistics is committed to designing innovative, robust and agile solutions. Through the reliable management of the entire supply chain, the company has developed a high level of resilience enabling it to control risks by securing transport plans through alternative options and to lead a continuous improvement policy over the long term while acting as an ethical and responsible player.


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