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Bolloré Logistics confirms its position as leader and announces the launch of its project to build a new 36,000m2 logistics hub at the Port of Le Havre

Paris, Le Havre. 10 September 2015

Bolloré Logistics, one of the top 10 leading global transport and logistics groups, and HAROPA, recently signed a preliminary agreement for the construction of a warehouse on the Parc Logistique du Pont de Normandie 2 (PLPN2) platform at the Port of Le Havre. 


This project is divided into two successive construction stages: the first stage involves a surface area of 24,000m2, followed by an additional 12,000m2 for the second stage. At completion, Bolloré Logistics, which already operates several warehouses in the PLPN1 zone, will benefit from a total surface area of 75,000m2 for its transport and logistics activities at the Port of Le Havre. Delivery of the building is forecast for October 2016.

Thierry Ehrenbogen

Chairman of Bolloré logistics

This new project is an integral part of our growth strategy for major global hubs. We are rolling out innovative and efficient logistics tools within these hubs, which are in line with the latest quality standards. The strengthening of our positions in the main international trading hubs, along with a competitive services offering, enables us to attract greater flows and manage the logistics and supply chain activities of our customers. Other major projects are currently underway in France and abroad.

"Bolloré Logistics, an exemplary presence"

CEO of HAROPA - Port of Le Havre

We welcome the signing of this preliminary agreement which underlines our determination to facilitate the availability of land according to our customers' schedules" stated Hervé Martel, Vice-Chairman of HAROPA. "HAROPA is today proud to welcome the Bolloré Group and support its growth in the field. The presence of Bolloré Logistics at PLPN2 and also the whole length of the Seine, and in particular at the Port of Rouen, is exemplary in terms of job creation and value added as well as the close relationships that the company has with international transportation operators

Bolloré Logistics is proud to announce this expansion programme. Based at PLPN1 at the Port of Le Havre since 2001, it was one of the first private logistics providers to open operations in the zone. 

Henri Le Gouis

Bolloré Logistics CEO of the Western Europe area

this new warehouse represents a total investment of €30 million. It further underlines our commitment to supporting the growth of the Port of Le Havre, by positioning ourselves as one of the leading international logistics players present at the PLPN2 platform

A new Reefer offering of 5,000m2

In a bid to stay abreast of market changes and its customers' need, the PLPN2 warehouse will provide "dry" goods storage. This will allow Bolloré Logistics to vacate and develop a large 5,000m2 area solely dedicated to Reefer logistics in the PLPN1 zone.


With France preparing to host the 21st UN Climate Change Conference, environmental issues are more pertinent than ever for the Bolloré Group. The future warehouse, which will be located right next to the new multi-modal terminal at Le Havre, will be certified LEED®v4 and BiodiverCity®.

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About Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics is a brand of Bolloré Transport & Logistics, a major player in its sector of activity - N°1 in France and Africa, N°5 in Europe - and is present on all continents based in 102 countries.

Bolloré Logistics has a leading position in France and is one of HAROPA's largest customers along the length of the Seine. It is already well established in Rouen as well as in Paris and Le Havre.

About HAROPA - Port of Le Havre

The leading container port for French foreign trade, one of the main focuses of the Port of Le Havre's 2014-2019 strategic plan is logistics. The port has three logistics parks under development: PLPN1 (construction potential of 70,000m2 of warehouse space), PLPN2 (committed protocols for the development of 168,000m2, of which 36,000m2 with Bolloré Logistics) and PLPN3 (potential to house around 175,000m2 of warehouse space). 



As part of the HAROPA consortium, the three ports along the Seine route (Rouen, Paris and Le Havre), which together form the number five European port complex, own close to one thousand hectares of land and land reserves. HAROPA supports its customers in the implementation and management of competitive and long-lasting logistics systems to serve the greater Paris region, the second largest European consumption basin, with its 25 million habitants.