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Bolloré Logistics expands and continues to develop in Italy

Puteaux. 06 July 2023

On 15 June 2023, Bolloré Logistics Italy celebrated the redevelopment of its offices in Milan. The site has been significantly extended to provide 1,500 m² more office space and an additional 4,000 m² of warehouse. It also boasts the strategic advantage of being located close to Milan airport, a focal point for national and international trade and propitious for the transport of goods.

Emiliano Rota

Sales Manager, Bolloré Logistics Italy

Over the last four years, we have ramped up our recruitment to bring in many new employees, whether in operational roles or support functions such as accounting or sales. The specific aim was to support the growth of our main business sectors: healthcare, food and beverages, industrial projects, and luxury goods. Italy can now count on the expertise and cooperation of some 180 employees. It is also for them, and for their quality of life at work, that Bolloré Logistics is updating and expanding its working spaces,

To date, Bolloré Logistics Italy has specialised in the transport of luxury goods, healthcare, food products and industrial projects; it now aims to extend its service offer to new customers in the aeronautics and aerospace sectors, high-tech, energy, and humanitarian aid.

The company’s stated objective is to strengthen its presence in the Italian market. This is the reason behind the planned opening of a new Bolloré Logistics space in Verona by the end of 2023. The company strongly believes in business partnerships; on this basis, it aims to boost its trade with strategic countries such as those in Africa, and also with the French overseas departments and the Asia-Pacific region.

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