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Bolloré Logistics Germany launches a new Healthcare Competence Center

Puteaux. 05 May 2023

On 20 April 2023, Bolloré Logistics Germany opened its first National Competence Center for healthcare products. Located just 15 minutes from Frankfurt airport, this new site enjoys an exceptional strategic proximity to airport facilities, freight operators and airlines, as well as Bolloré’s national headquarter.

The site comprises a total surface area of 1,930 sqm and was built following the highest environmental standards. It will house the import and export activities carried out by Bolloré Logistics on behalf of pharmaceutical and biotechnology major players (biotech, manufacturers, clinical suppliers, medical devices, etc.).

The platform has three temperature-controlled areas, +15°C /+25°C (ambient stabilized), +2°C/+8°C (cooled/chilled) and -30°C (frozen) reserved for value-added logistics operations. Bolloré Logistics experts use these areas to handle cross docking operations, labelling, active and passive packaging transport solutions, including a specific area for processing air export flows. The platform also contains state of the art equipment including an X-ray machine, an ambient and refrigerated cooling concept powered by solar panels.

The 300 sqm office space within the warehouse hosts teams of experts only dedicated to and trained in pharmaceutical products according to GDP regulations. Their role is to design industry specific solutions and implement them in the best possible conditions.

Rolf Lucht

Healthcare Director Bolloré Logistics Germany

This new warehouse will allow us to expand our service offering and continue to support our clients in the healthcare industry. We are proud to be able to satisfy all industry needs, delivering tailored and comprehensive solutions that comply with Good Distribution Practises on health products, and their regulations

The main Bolloré Logistics sites are GDP certified. The air hubs are certified CEIV Pharma (IATA).  Both programmes adhere to the European and WHO guidelines for Good Distribution Practices.


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