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Bolloré Logistics handles out of gauge equipment for largest substation in Rwanda

Puteaux. 28 September 2020

Bolloré Logistics was contracted to transport and deliver out of gauge cargo from Spain to Shango substation in Rwanda through the port of Mombasa. The cargo consisted of 8 shunt reactors each weighing 29T, and 2 transformers weighing 51T and 75T.

With a capacity of 220/110kV, Shango substation is the largest in Rwanda, has been designed to receive and transmit electrical power from the region as part of the Nile Equatorial Lakes Power Interconnection Program aimed at connecting the electric grids of Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, DR Congo and Rwanda. 

When complete, Shango substation will have a total of six 220kV line bays. Works for first two-line bays to interconnect with Uganda networks were completed and launched in 2019. Construction is ongoing for the remaining four 220kV line bays, which will interconnect with Eastern DRC and Western Tanzania networks. 

With an end to end scope of service awarded to Bolloré Logistics in Spain, a network strategy involving the Bolloré Logistics Projects Team in Kenya and the Bolloré Logistics Rwanda team was employed to ensure a seamless clearance, transport, delivery and installation of this sensitive cargo after arrival at the port of Mombasa.

In consideration of the steep terrain on the last mile remote road access where the station is located, the team employed a fleet of modular hydraulic multi-axle trailers. The Bolloré Logistics team also installed the units on the service plinths of the station through a special jacking and skidding method.

Jason Reynard

CEO of Bolloré Transport & Logistics for East Africa

This year long project allowed us to demonstrate our agility in a complex environment. Through close collaboration between the Bolloré Logistics Teams in Spain, Kenya and Rwanda, it was successfully completed.

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