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Bolloré Logistics India invests in compressed natural gas

Puteaux. 08 December 2022

To strengthen its sustainable logistics initiative, Bolloré Logistics India is deploying a fleet of trucks running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at its facilities in Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai.

Several studies conducted on CNG claim that the use of this alternative fuel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5% to 16%.  Investing in CNG is essential for Bolloré Logistics India to reduce air pollution as CNG produces far fewer particulate emissions than diesel trucks.

Pranay Meshram

Road Transport Manager India

Developing low carbon impact transportation plans has become essential for road transportation. Bolloré Logistics India is actively investing in more sustainable transport solutions.

For now, there are four CNG trucks which are carrying out intra-urban distribution operations in India. To date, the trucks have covered more than 35,000 km, reducing CO2 emissions by 6.5 tons. The company aims to gradually increase its CNG truck fleet to connect more locations by 2023.

The CNG trucks have a total capacity of 9.5 metric tons & 42 cubic metres, allowing the distribution of high-tech & luxury products throughout India.

To further reduce the environmental impact of the logistics sector, Bolloré Logistics has improved its processes by using an algorithm that allows the grouping of transported products. More than 270 orders have been grouped in this way, which has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 9 tons in the western Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. This program will be extended across all subsidiaries by Q1 of 2023 & is expected to reduce emissions by 20 tons per year.

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