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Bolloré Logistics launches “EASYorder”, an integrated services offering for managing B2B customer orders

Puteaux. 15 March 2021

Bolloré Logistics is announcing the launch of EASYorder, an integrated services offering developed by B.Lab*, with a view to simplifying the order process between exporters and their professional customers as well as within companies themselves.

EASYOrder is intended in particular for retailers, proposing sales to employees or the purchase of non-marketable products (such as visual merchandising and point-of-sale advertising) and health protection equipment, as well as industrial distributors and companies for their B2B sales processes. It relies on the digital platform, Shopper, which links up all the players and automates order-taking phases through to the transport and logistics of products.

Developed according to Bolloré Logistics specifications, Shopper includes a catalogue of articles specific to each customer. The platform’s functionalities are adapted to B2B processes, notably including an order-approval module that helps customers to control purchases and the generation of transport orders factored in directly via the company’s collaborative platform.

Through a more seamless connection between order management and international transport and logistics operations, EASYorder addresses all needs, from inventory management and restocking with suppliers through to final distribution.

Click here to find out more: https://www.bollore-logistics.com/en/offer/easy-order/
Listen to the podcast: https://bollore-logistics.podigee.io/6-easyorder

* B.Lab is Bolloré Logistics innovation booster. Its aim is to accelerate the transformation of the supply chain while supporting all innovation initiatives, from ideation through to marketing, as part of a co-creation approach with the company’s customers. B.Lab currently has two innovation centres, one in Paris and one in Singapore.

Olivier Boccara, Global Chief Commercial Officer

EASYorder contributes to the digitalisation of the order process while ensuring simplified integration with supply chain management tools. Our offering accelerates time-to-market and helps to boost the competitiveness of our customers.

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Bolloré Logistics is a major international supply chain operator and ranks among the world’s top ten transport and logistics groups with an integrated network of 600 agencies in 109 countries. Placing customers at the heart of its strategy, Bolloré Logistics is committed to designing innovative, robust and agile solutions. Through the reliable management of the entire supply chain, the company has developed a high level of resilience enabling it to control risks by securing transport plans through alternative options and to lead a continuous improvement policy over the long term while acting as an ethical and responsible player.

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