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Bolloré Logistics obtains multi-site "Distribution Best Practices" certification

Puteaux. 08 July 2021

Bolloré Logistics has obtained the certificate of conformity for the Distribution Best Practices (Bonnes Pratiques de Distribution (BPD) in French) for the transport of pharmaceutical products following an audit conducted by Bureau Veritas, world leader in certification. No less than 63 sites in each of the geographical areas covered by Bolloré Logistics (Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East, South Asia and Africa), strategically positioned at the crossroads of the international pharmaceutical trade, are concerned by this certification.

“Distribution Best Practices" are aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the supply of medicine at every stage of the supply chain, from the supplier to the recipients, for all modes of transport (air, sea, rail, land). These practices require precise logistical methods to be implemented in order to maintain the integrity of pharmaceutical shipments. They also require specific equipment as well as dedicated storage facilities and harmonised handling procedures between the cold chain partners.

This certification was prepared by the operational and EHS teams over several months on the basis of an action plan that can be used on all Bolloré Logistics sites. Additionally, several years ago we began working on and successfully achieved the IATA CEIV certification for the air transport of healthcare products at various sites in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the USA.

Christian Teillet, EHS Director of Bolloré Logistics

Damien Martinez, Pharma Quality Manager of Bolloré Logistics

The BPD certification allows us to meet the requirements of our international customers in the pharmaceutical sector but also more broadly in the health sector by ensuring an end-to-end service of very high quality with teams trained to address Excellence operations. The certification is also a further step in the implementation of common processes for work methods regardless of the geographical region concerned

Thierry Ehrenbogen

CEO of Bolloré Logistics

Our aim is to support the rapid change in the needs of our customers in an ever more complex and volatile world, even more so since the health crisis. This certification demonstrates our commitment to supporting the healthcare sector and meeting the many logistical challenges with facilities and solutions tailored to each product category transported and specifically designed to meet regulatory and operational excellence requirements

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Bolloré Logistics is a major international supply chain operator and ranks among the world’s top ten transport and logistics groups with an integrated network of 600 agencies in 109 countries. Placing customers at the heart of its strategy, Bolloré Logistics is committed to designing innovative, robust and agile solutions. Through the reliable management of the entire supply chain, the company has developed a high level of resilience enabling it to control risks by securing transport plans through alternative options and to lead a continuous improvement policy over the long term while acting as an ethical and responsible player.

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