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Bolloré Logistics opens its first regional Automotive Competence Center in Mexico

Puteaux. 30 May 2023

Three years after the opening of its 1st Automotive Competence Center in Le Mans, France, Bolloré Logistics is pleased to announce the opening of a second one in Mexico.

From left to right: Carlos Rosas (IFFO Jr. Stellantis), Israel Garcia (Operations Executive Sr.), Karen Victoria (IFFO Sr. Stellantis), Sara Maldonado (Sea Operations Executive Sr), Rafael Cervantes (ACC Branch Manager), Adan Gonzalez (Operations Trainee).

Coordinated by a team of experts across the automotive supply chain, the new competence center is geared to customers in the automotive sector (manufacturers and suppliers) and provides them with harmonised processes to meet their needs.

Olivier de Clerck

Automotive Director at Bolloré Logistics

The automotive industry is facing many challenges which we must respond in order to support our customers in their development strategy, which is now increasingly shifting towards the relocation of their production. While pursuing our business development, our aim is to industrialise our automotive logistics approach and deliver ever more agile and optimised solutions.

Drawing on the know-how acquired over more than 20 years in intercontinental and after-sales logistics, Bolloré Logistics offers its customers comprehensive services ranging from the implementation of multimodal transport solutions (air, ocean, road, rail) to the management and monitoring of goods flows in real time, 24-7, and the management of freight capacities on the basis of specific agreements between Bolloré Logistics and its panel of transport companies.


Rafael Cervantes

Branch Manager of the Bolloré Logistics Automotive Competence Center in Mexico

The automotive industry is developing at a steady pace in the region, especially since the Canada-US-Mexico Agreement came into force in 2020. We are therefore keen to provide ongoing support and a first-class service. To achieve this, we will capitalise on our Automotive Competence Center, which brings together all our expertise in logistics and innovation and which will also serve as a regional hub.

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