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Bolloré Logistics set to attend ‘China Helicopter Exposition’

Puteaux. 31 August 2023

Bolloré Logistics will be present at the next ‘China Helicopter Exposition’, an event that brings together more than 450 exhibitors to welcome 30,000 professional visitors. This year, the exposition celebrates its 6th edition in Tianjin, China, and takes place from 14 to 17 September 2023.

Every two years, the ‘China Helicopter Exposition’ brings together professionals from the aeronautics & aerospace sector. Bolloré Logistics will be presenting its latest advancements, demonstrating its ability to design and develop innovative, secure and scalable solutions for its customers that take account of international regulations and numerous external constraints.

Sandra Collia

Head of Aerospace vertical, Bolloré Logistics Asia Pacific

China’s aeronautics and aerospace market is vast and requires solid expertise to meet the many challenges. With years of experience in the helicopter industry and backed by its global network, Bolloré Logistics is in the right position to ensure the transportation of shipments that companies entrust them with

As a major international transport and logistics operator, experts at Bolloré Logistics offer a wide range of dedicated services: transport optimisation, end-to-end processes and visibility, mission support, reverse logistics, repairs and Aircraft on Ground (AOG) management 24/7, worldwide spare parts delivery, warehousing and supply chain management.

Depending on business needs, Bolloré Logistics can provide customized transport plans, re-engineering, lead-time and flow management, as well as in-house services to solve all the challenges across the supply chain.

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