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Bolloré Logistics signs a partnership agreement with Team France Export to support and develop the presence of french SMEs internationally

Puteaux. 26 January 2021

Bolloré Logistics is joining forces with Business France, a founding member of Team France Export, as an expert partner for its Practical Guide to Export Logistics. The common goal is to provide French SMEs and mid-tier enterprises with needs-adapted solutions in logistics flows

The new partnership enhances a relationship initiated in 2010 between Business France and Bolloré Logistics aimed at supporting the international development of SMEs.


Un « Carnet de l’eXPORT » pour affuter sa logistique

Through a practical guide based on concrete accounts from businesses and an analysis of trends and practices in international trade, as well as expert advice, Bolloré Logistics and Team France Export are bringing added value to all companies seeking to expand internationally or raise the professional standards of their export procedures. 

Logistics issues often constitute a major challenge for export SMEs. What transport solutions exist? How to manage and optimise the supply chain? How to choose your forwarding agent? The “Export Notebook” dedicated to logistics provides precise and detailed answers to all these questions to help SMEs and mid-tier enterprises build export logistics strategies. 

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With the new system, French exporters can rely on the complementary expertise of the networks of Team France Export and Bolloré Logistics. They are able to benefit from complete support in the implementation of their transport and logistics operations around the world, as well as information and advice on markets from experts to identify the best solutions for expanding internationally in the best possible conditions.

Carol Bermond

VP Sales & Development Europe at Bolloré Logistics

We are proud to be strengthening the partnership with Team France Export. The partnership is fully consistent with the support policy we already lead with our SME customers, the aim being to foster their international development through adapted, efficient and competitive transport and logistics solutions

Frédéric Rossi

Chief Operating Officer Trade at Business France

Logistics plays a decisive role in the success of exports. To succeed, companies need to be meticulously prepared. The ‘Export Notebook’ dedicated to logistics, the result of our partnership with the teams at Bolloré Logistics, brings SMEs and mid-tier enterprises a practical and operational resource for structuring action plans in the long term to develop internationally

Team France Export brings together public players, which support the international development of French businesses, and private players, which provide solutions. To that end, Business France has produced a series of five practical guides on exports, each one covering a key theme in any international development project: Strategy, Financing, Human Resources, Regulation, and Logistics.


About Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics is a major international supply chain operator and ranks among the world’s top ten transport and logistics groups with an integrated network of 600 agencies in 109 countries. Placing customers at the heart of its strategy, Bolloré Logistics is committed to designing innovative, robust and agile solutions. Through the reliable management of the entire supply chain, the company has developed a high level of resilience enabling it to control risks by securing transport plans through alternative options and to lead a continuous improvement policy over the long term while acting as an ethical and responsible player.


About Team France Export

The union of public players, supporting the international development of French businesses, and private players, providing solutions, through Team France Export aims to bring our country’s SMEs and mid-tier enterprises with a clear, effective and adapted system. It provides a continuum of solutions, from preparation through to international expansion, and from French regions, in which “unique export desks”* have been set up, through to foreign markets, where a “unique Team France Export officer”** guides SMEs towards needs-adapted solutions.

* These regional structures combine the vital forces of the founding members of Team France, namely the regions, chambers of commerce and industry, Bpifrance, and Business France. 

** The unique Team France Export officer overseas may be Business France or a private player in some countries targeted by public service concessions.


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