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Bolloré Logistics supports Airbus FHS with the opening of its Paris site

Puteaux. 22 June 2023

At the end of 2021, Bolloré Logistics was selected by Airbus FHS (Flight Hour Services) to open a new space accommodating its Pool in Paris, a warehouse for spare parts for airlines.

Bolloré Logistics helped Airbus FHS with the transfer of part of its stock from London to Paris. This site transfer, which took place over several months, meant Bolloré Logistics' teams had to guarantee continuity of service of Airbus FHS for its customer base, airline companies.

The stock move was divided into two phases: the first from April to September 2022 while the second, initiated in January 2023, is expected to end this autumn. Bolloré Logistics' offer on the Roissy platform provides Airbus FHS with a unit entirely dedicated to its components. The space is secure and complies with the latest standards. The location of the Bolloré Logistics' warehouse, close to the runways at Charles De Gaulle Airport, presents a major advantage in ensuring the availability of components and their fast shipment.

The partnership between the two companies creates a more effective response to the logistics challenges presented by their field of activity. Through its FHS branch, Airbus offers after-sales service for by-the-hour provision of aeronautics parts for its airline customers, while managing the repair flows of its components for the fastest possible return to service. Bolloré Logistics' services on behalf of FHS at the Roissy Charles De Gaulle hub include receipt of parts, quality control, shipment to repair providers and subsequent reintegration into its inventory for return to service with its customers. A real-time tracking tool, developed by Bolloré Logistics specifically for FHS, enables users to digitise and determine the status and location of a component at all times, manage the workload and prioritise activities.

FHS now has 6 Pools internationally: the location of this new Pool in Paris supports a joint ambition to optimise flows and thus improve our responsiveness and services to airlines, and European ones in particular.

Stéphanie Sabrié

Global Account Manager at Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics, and more specifically the aerospace teams, are proud of this partnership, which demonstrates the confidence Airbus FHS placed in us to open one of their Pools. Once again, our teams were able to prove their added value and showcase their skills to complete this project in compliance with our commitments and the instructions issued by Airbus FHS.

To ensure the success of this project, Bolloré Logistics set up a team dedicated to its customer. All the staff recruited, both internally and externally, undertook several weeks of training to meet the specific needs of Airbus FHS.

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