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Bolloré Logistics to cut over 11,500 tons CO2 emissions with solar system by Total Solar DG

Singapour. 30 April 2020

In partnership with Total Solar Distributed Generation, Bolloré Logistics lowers its carbon
footprint with the solarisation of its first building – Green Hub in Singapore.

Total Solar Distributed Generation (DG) has completed a solar rooftop for Bolloré Logistics’ Green Hub in Pioneer Turn, Singapore. With a capacity of nearly 1 MW, the system generates an estimated 1.3 GWh of electricity per year. Over the lifetime of the solar rooftop, Bolloré Logistics will avoid over 11,500 tons of CO2 emissions. With over 2,400 panels, the solar PV system is expected to cover 30 per cent of the building’s power needs.

Adhering to the Paris Agreement, Bolloré Logistics is committed to reducing 43 per cent of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2027, through its CSR Program "Powering Sustainable Logistics".

Frédéric Marcerou

Managing Director of Bolloré Logistics Singapore

Global warming is altering how businesses run their operations. In Singapore, we have over 200,000sqm of warehouse space and 1,600 employees. It is vital for us to tap into sustainable energy to support our electricity consumption in the fight against climate change. Green Hub is our first building to be equipped with solar panels. With this milestone, we will continue our journey, in line with Singapore’s solar energy target 2030, towards a greener future.

Gavin Adda

CEO of Total Solar DG for Southeast Asia

Total Solar DG is committed to helping its customers drive down their carbon footprint. We are proud to pursue Total’s long-term partnership with Bolloré Logistics by allowing the decarbonization of the company’s facilities. We are glad to be considered as a reliable supplier in Singapore and look forward to keep expanding our presence in the country.

About Total Solar Distributed Generation

Total Solar Distributed Generation (DG) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Total dedicated to the development of distributed solar energy solutions, including solar-powered rooftops and groundmounted solar panels. Active since 2018, Total Solar DG is one of the major international providers of fully integrated solar solutions for commercial and industrial customers in the region with a portfolio of over 500 MW of projects in development and operation.

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