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Bolloré Transport & Logistics Cameroon ships 18,000 tons of coton from the Port of Douala to India

Puteaux. 05 July 2022

On 2 July 2022, Bolloré Transport & Logistics Cameroon shipped 18,000 tons of cotton by conventional cargo handling from the Port of Douala on the vessel Asian Pearl. This cargo is intended to be exported to India. The Société de développement de coton (Sodecoton) and the Société cotonnière du Tchad (CotonTchad) - both specialising in cotton production - awarded this project through Olam Agri, a subsidiary of Olam International, which is one of the world’s largest groups in agri-business.

Before reaching the Port of Douala, the cotton bales were transported by truck along the Moundou-Douala and Garou-Douala corridors and by Camrail’s rail network between Ngaoundéré and Douala. Thanks to the collective work between the Bolloré Transport & Logistics and Olam Agri teams, the handling of the big-bags of cotton was optimised and  innovative solutions were established for the entire logistics chain. Their collaboration enabled the construction of warehousing pallets, the manufacture of dedicated tools (spreaders), the adaptation of lifting equipment and warehousing techniques as well as techniques for stowage in holds taking into account the specific conditions of the vessel.

Rohit Kumar

Shipping Director at Olam Agri, Chad,

For this operation, we established a new logistics model along with innovative solutions that we designed in collaboration with Bolloré Transport & Logistics. If this operation is a success from start to finish, we plan to continue using these processes and to supplement over the existing shipments in containers for the growing export volumes that Olam Global Agri (OGA) has from Africa and other continents. I also acknowledge the efforts of Bolloré Transport & Logistics who brought its teams from Côte d'Ivoire and Togo to Cameroon to ensure the transfer of skills and to enable this process to be implemented in other countries where we operate.

The Cameroon Bolloré Transport & Logistics and Olam Agri teams are undertaking an exceptional operational challenge to make up for the shortage of containers caused by the imbalance in trade between Asia, Europe and the United States, which has been amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Serge Agnero

Regional Director Gulf of Guinea, Bolloré Transport & Logistics.

Bolloré Transport & Logistics is proud to participate in this major project for our partner Olam Agri and its customers Sodecoton and CotonTchad. This operation is an opportunity to showcase our expertise by providing customised and innovative services that promote the competitiveness of our customers in their respective markets. Our objective is to develop this new method of bulk transportation to meet the diverse needs of our customers using an approach based on operational excellence.

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